Lighthouse Strategic Communications


Lighthouse Strategic Communications is a modern public relations firm that focuses on helping businesses reach their potential and individuals realize their professional dreams. We seek out emerging businesses that challenge the assumptions of their industry with new and innovative
products and ideas, and provide them with insightful, agile, and effective communications
solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

We believe that:

  •  Our job is to make your life easier.
  •  The best metric of success is the value that the customer ultimately realizes from our work.
  •  The goal of effective communications is not to simply make consumers more aware of a
       company, product, or cause, but to clearly define the set of associations a consumer has with
       that thing, thereby moving them down the path from awareness to interest to desire to action.
  •  Emerging businesses, the very businesses that are most in need of assistance with their
       messaging, brand management, and general communications and consumer development
       strategies, are the thought leaders of the future and have been deeply underserved by the
       public relations community.
  •  It is possible to provide Fortune 500 communications services and public relations solutions
       to businesses that currently lack a Fortune 500 budget.

At Lighthouse, our goal is simple: To help people achieve happiness through bringing their professional dreams to life.